Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shutterfly Photo Book Giveaway

Shutterfly was kind enough to offer me two free Photo Books to make and use however I wanted! I had so much fun creating these for my kids for Christmas!

Okay...actually I had a bit of a difficult time trying to create them when my kids weren't around to see what I was doing. Other than that, I had a fun time creating them. Everytime I uploaded a picture into the Shutterfly website...they'd come over and want to look at the picture and ask what I was doing. :)

The first photo book I created was an 8x8 inch Soft Cover Photo Book filled with pictures of all our pictures up to big boy pictures. We'll give this book to them all for Christmas. That book makes me excited because it is the ultimate BROTHER book. I think they'll get a big kick out of it.

BUT...the second book I made...I'm even more excited about. I've mentioned before that our second son Justus LOVES cooking and wants to be a chef. Because I have so many pictures of food...and so many recipes...and so many pictures of Justus cooking, I put together a 5x7 inch personalized photo cookbook for Justus. It's filled with recipes and pictures of some of his favorite foods...all recipes that are easy enough for him to prepare with little or no help.

I think Justus is going to adore this Christmas gift.

Here are the things I loved about working on the Shutterfly website while building my photo books:
  • Once I had my pictures uploaded into the Shutterfly site...the books were simple to put together. I just had to drag and drop my picture into the page wherever I wanted it.

  • There were tons of page backgrounds and layouts to choose from. But...there were not so many that I was confused or overwhelmed. I liked that I could pick different ways to set up the pages...and that I could pick fun "manly" background designs.

  • Editing the photo books was easy. If there was a possible mis-spelling...Shutterfly gave a red flag. If I wanted to change the picture position or wording...all I had to do was click and I could change it without a problem.

  • Once I finished creating the books and ordered them...I received them in less than a week. Talk about instant gratification!

  • The quality of these books is outstanding. The pictures are clear. The pages are thick and nice. These books look very professional. My boys are gonna love 'em.

You can create ALL KINDS of photo books with Shutterfly and today they're offering to give TWO of my readers a free photo book of their own.

Leave a comment here for a chance to win either a 7x9 inch Soft Cover Photo Book or an 8x11 inch Hard Cover Photo Book. There is no limit to the kind of fun book you could create for your family or for a gift!

I will draw two random winners on Monday, October 5!