Saturday, February 21, 2009

Discovering Discover's New Tool

We like using credit cards. (Ooooh, but we do NOT like credit card we ALWAYS without our entire bill at the end of the month...just so ya know.)

We have one card for regular household spending...

And we use our Discover Card for business. Any supplies we buy for our Shaved Ice Business or for Matt's construction business...we put on our Discover Card. We've always liked how that keeps our finances separate so that we can keep track of where our money is going and what our business expenses are.

And that is why I'm very excited to tell you about this new tool that Discover offers it's users. It's an Online Spending Analyzer and I THINK IT'S REALLY COOL.

The Online Spending Analyzer breaks down all of our spending into specific catagories....places it into pie charts and other impressive graphs...and lists all of our spending for the month. It's all the information we need...right in one place.

If we need to see what we've spent in the past several's all right there. If we want to know how we're doing for the entire's there.

I love that all the information we need is one simple click away...instead of having to wait for a monthly statement to come in the mail.

And that if Matt somehow misplaced a receipt for the door he purchased to put in Joe's house...all he has to do is look it up on the Discover Online Spending Analyzer.

Very cool.

It looks like Discover just made keeping up with our business transactions even easier.

Oh, I like it when things are made easier, don't you?

What do you think? Do you use credit cards? Do you think Discover's new Online Spending Analyzer would be a helpful tool for you?

This is a paid review from BlogHer and Discover. Read more reviews here!


  1. I love our credit card... It is a CITI REWARDS card... For the first year it was 5% rewards back... we got many HOMEDEPOT cards and that is how I got my craft room... all but the cabinets were paid for with rewards... all the sheetrock, the flooring, the paint, the wiring, the lights, etc... SO NICE!
    I will however say that we do NOT hold a discover card... IMHO they are the rudest Credit card company we have ever dealt with... BUT that is just my opinion
    BTW: we do pay off our balance every month!

  2. My parents have a Discover card and I really thought it was nifty...until I read Dave Ramsey. He totally changed how I think about credit cards. My husband and I have been without a credit card for almost four years and have discovered (no pun intended) that you really spend less with CASH. We use out debit card for anything we would use a credit card for. We will NEVER hold a credit card again no matter how much they give us back... No thank you!!!!!

  3. I had a terrible experience many years ago when I was doing my holiday shopping. I lost my wallet with $800 cash in it. I was carrying the cash because I did not want to have a credit card. It was a hard lesson to learn and now I have 2 cards, one CITI and the other a DISCOVER. I use my DISCOVER the most because of the rewards, it lets me afford some luxuries that I don't want to give up.


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